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Analytics for Asset Management

Asset Management Analytics

The Inventory System offers Analytic reports for Asset Tracking. This Feature enables the user of the Inventory System to see when equipment is checked out, how long it will be checked out, and estimate upcoming warranty expirations.

Reporting metrics include:

  • Checked out items
  • Upcoming Warranty Expirations
  • Expired Contracts
  • Assets Costs
  • Number of assets and models
Analytics for Asset Tracking
Browse Asset Graphs

Browse Asset Graphs

Display analytics graphs to quickly glance at the quantity of overdue equipment that is currently checked out.

Asset Tracking Features

  • Track equipment by location using barcode
  • Track whether equipment is active or inactive
  • Track serial, model, and barcode number
  • Enable data field renaming online
  • Enable addition of new items in the field
  • Conduct standard reports for depreciation
  • Assign equipment categories
  • Reconcile physical asset inventory to book inventory
  • Keep asset pictures, documents & videos online
  • Generate management reports
  • Maintain equipment cost records
  • Record notes for each asset
  • Email and SMS Alerts for Equipment
  • Locate assets on a geographical map
  • Generate the easiest route available to asset location
  • Print barcode labels and catalogs
  • Export data via PDF, Excel, Word, HTML and more
  • Use commercial, off-the-shelf hand-held scanners
  • Work with virtually all types of asset labels
  • Easy to use, menu-driven system
  • No programming required
  • User configurable to your specifications
  • Drag and drop functionality for transactions & menus
  • Easy reference graphical dashboard display
  • Unlimited, customized report editing
  • Schedule and perform asset maintenance
  • Visualize analytical metrics and graphs
  • Use Configurable milestones for asset maintenance
  • Perform asset maintenance on smartphones
  • Import asset data using Google Drive, MS SkyDrive, Box, Dropbox


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