Inventory Management and CRM Integrations

Throughout the workday there are a number of annoying and time-wasting activities that you just can’t seem to avoid. Having to perform tedious data entry tasks, dealing with a nagging boss, or listening to the starved for attention coworker come to mind. For many professionals working in Operations or inventory management, searching for customer or account data in a CRM, and then transferring the data into inventory or asset tracking software (over and over again) is on this list.

No need to worry, BarCloud is here to help. CRM integrations are now available so you can create your own automatic data transfers to your inventory or asset database. All you need is an account with Zapier to set up the integration points your job requires. This ability includes, but is not limited to, account, customer, and contact data that you want to populate into the matching fields within BarCloud.

How to Integrate Salesforce and BarCloud

In this short video, watch how to connect Salesforce and BarCloud step by step in Zapier. This process only needs to be done once and the integration will continue working silently in the background. Please contact our Online Community Support for more information.



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