Inventory Sticky Notes in our Flagging and Notes Feature

Inventory Sticky Notes in our Flagging and Notes Feature

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Inventory Sticky Notes

ASAP Systems’ innovative Inventory Management System and Asset Tracking System are constantly being configured and improved to meet all of our users’ needs. As the leading company in Inventory Management systems and Asset Tracking solutions, ASAP Systems based in the United States, is excited to share our new Flagging and Notes Feature accompanying our Inventory System.

Using our new integrated Flagging and Notes feature, ASAP Systems users are able to flag important inventory stock items as well as add sticky notes and time stamp to important modules such as stock purchases or sale orders.

The wide range of benefits makes this feature one of the most important attributes of the system. Not only does the user have improved organization capabilities, but they can also preview and go through assets easily.

What significant benefits does this feature have?

With ASAP Systems’ Flagging and Notes Tool, users are now permitted to flag vital assets, not only giving them the chance to identify and view them better, but also to access them quickly. How? Once a user flags or de-flags an item, it is automatically sorted to appear at the top or the bottom of the list, with the de-flagged item being at the bottom. Users are also allowed to favorite specific inventory stock items for increased visibility.

In addition, this new note feature is collaborative! This means that multiple users are now able to access and use this feature, adding notes on different files. Online users can easily view and find important logged notes in the blink of an eye as they are automatically organized in chronological order. Notes are also marked with time and user identification.  Moreover, they can revisit and edit notes.

Our feature has been enhanced to meet your security needs. Administrators are authorized to choose certain users to edit notes.

We always listen and work collaboratively to better serve the individual needs of our customers. We urge you to give us a try. Your management will become easier with ASAP Systems.


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