Online Inventory System for Construction Project Management (CPM)


Cloud Inventory Solution for Construction

Today’s successful construction project managers require instant access to inventory information in order to make educated, on-the-fly decisions while on or off a job site. It is essential to the workflow of projects; materials need to be available at the right place, at the right time, and at the quantity desired. However, time-honored methods of manually tracking inventory no longer get the job done— they’re labor intensive and susceptible to errors that lead to schedule delays, supply shortages, and an overall decrease in productivity.

It is mind-blowing that something that accounts for more than half of total project costs (inventory!) is not being optimally managed. That is why cloud inventory control systems such as BarCloud fill a significant, and somehow underappreciated need.

BarCloud allows users to view stock inventory levels and locations in real-time so project managers maintain visibility of all inventory activity. The data is also easy to search through and organize so it can be referenced for mandated audits or site inspections.

Bulk supplies such as nails, caulking, building paper, and concrete can be tracked by quantity, serial number, or weight, depending on what is the most practical for the type of material and project.

The beauty of the barcode-based system is that it is supplemented by a mobile app, so inventory and asset information is accessible on all smart devices, lending it to the needs of on-the-go managers.




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