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Government Inventory System

Companies in construction, including general contractors, builders, and developers, rely on BarCloud for equipment and tool asset tracking. The online system can be configured to track fixed asset location, category, usage, and maintenance using barcode technology. In addition to equipment, the online system efficiently tracks materials and supplies that are consumed in projects— nails, bolts, lumber, caulking, builder paper, etc.. Construction industry project managers effectively automate the processes of equipment check out and check in, pick lists, physical inventory and full reporting. BarCloud can be utilized through smartphones, tablets, and mobile barcode scanners to quickly access and collect data online anytime, from anywhere.

Construction industry customers regularly use BarCloud's Check out-Check in feature to assign equipment and tools to employees. The movement of equipment, tools, and materials between people and job site locations is tracked through mobile barcode scanners to keep everyone accountable. Additionally, construction project managers use the online system to track scheduled asset maintenance dates to ensure all equipment continues to work properly and is ready to use at all times.

Construction Tool Tracking System Online

Track every type of industrial equipment and construction tools—vehicles, power tools, documents, people, boxes, contracts.



  • Track assets by location or job site
  • Check out/ Check in equipment and tools to field personnel
  • Keeps asset images, documents videos
  • Generate all contruction management reports
  • Track all construction supplies and materials received
  • Issue to customers, jobs, production and scrap
  • Generate reports on stock levels and materials use
  • Min-Max levels with email and text alerts


Craig Tuttle Construction

"We were looking for a tool that would allow our superintendents to track tools between job sites and the shop, without a spreadsheet. BarCloud turned out to be exactly what we needed, within just a few hours we had all of our tools uploaded and the app deployed to all the superintendents. We've found that it's very easy to use, we love that it works with mobile devices and stores the data in the cloud so that updates are instantaneous. Thank you BarCloud for making our lives easier!"

Scott Willhoite, Employee at Craig Tuttle Construction
Craig Tuttle Construction

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