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Drilldown report

Drill downs apply to all types of reporting, whether it is asset depreciation, dispose history, expiration dates issue history reports, and more. With the addition of the drilldown feature in reporting, users will see on the first page, the basic information or list of options for what they have requested to report. When they click on a particular item, a second page with further details appears.

Drilldown reporting in asset depreciation

To better understand the function of the drilldown report feature, we will take the example of one of our reports, the Charted Depreciation History report. Clicking on this report will take users to a page that shows the book values for all the depreciated items in their system. The charted depreciation history is exhibited in the form of a line graph, with a list of asset numbers, their names, last depreciation date, book value, and cost.

drill down reporting

Learn more about Drill Down report

An overview video of BarCloud’s new Drill Down report Feature on Asset Depreciation powered by charted graphs. Drill Down data provide users with a quick and easy way to visualize their assets depreciation. You can also select assets individually to drill down the data and check its depreciation.

Drill down data

Clicking on any one particular asset will take users to a second page that contains a further breakdown of the depreciation history of this asset. For example, after clicking on a specificasset , a second page that includes detailed information about this asset and a breakdown of its depreciation history appears.

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