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Educators have limited budgets and need to stretch every penny and all resources. Often this leads to inefficient spending and creates gaps in accountability. By using BarCloud asset and inventory management software you can reduce overhead, improve accountability, and increase staff and student satisfaction with minimal effort on your end.

By taking advantage of a barcode based asset and inventory management system, you’ll establish accountability and maximize utilization when faculty and staff check out equipment. Assets such as lab equipment, A/V equipment, tools, study materials, and more all can be tracked easily with barcodes. BarCloud also supports monitoring inventory such as computers, office supplies, scantrons, and other supplies.

How Educators Use BarCloud

University & College Inventory Management in the Cloud

Down Syndrome Connection

BarCloud is used by Down Syndrome Connection to track high-ticket assets such as laptops, tablets and assistive technology so staff can focus on their special-needs students.

BarCloud Overview

Maharishi University

In order to keep up with student demand for AV equipment and computers, and establish a high-level of accountability within the program, the university sought a web-based asset management system.

Online Inventory Tracking History

Overview Video

Get a quick overview of BarCloud's asset management capabilities and features.

Education Testimonials

Being a public school district, we often have unique system requirements that most private businesses don’t have. ASAP Systems has done a wonderful job adapting their barcode system for education to our district requirements to make our lives easier and to improve the efficiency of our equipment management in the cloud.

Balsz School District
Network Engineer, Balsz School District

We began using the online barcode system last year so we could get a handle on inventory supply use and location. It has really helped in knowing what is used and where. We use it on a small scale, but it really helps our university's bottom line. The training I got was so helpful and they were sure to follow up with me to make sure I took advantage of all that was available to my college.

Belmont University
Kathy Pope, Registered Nurse

We chose the online system because of its ease-of-use and we also liked that it has the option to configure the fields within the system, which is what we needed to fulfill our needs here at the Down Syndrome Connection. We use the barcode-based system to track all the items and equipment loaned out to parents and educators. It made my job easier when it came to training people.

Down Syndrome Connection
Karen Baca, Assistive Technology Specialist

BarCloud's Top Features



Check Out/In

Signature Capture

Schedule and perform maintenance and updates on educational equipment when specific milestones or deadlines are reached.

Check-out/check-in assets using smartphones, tablets and mobile barcode scanners.

Confirm the delivery and receipt of equipment by using BarCloud’s signature capture capability.



Data Import

Custom Alerts

Track and locate IT equipment and other assets on a geographical map. Quickly spot the most efficient route for moving equipment.

Import asset data from the cloud using Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, Box, and Dropbox.

Create custom alerts to notify school faculty and departments via SMS or Email about scheduling and more.

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