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Stretch your limited budgets, hold staff accountable, and reduce losses by implementing
Asset control software across your educational institutions.

School Asset Tracking Solutions

BarCloud is an online barcode-based system used across the education industry for asset tracking. BarCloud's check-out/check-in functionality establishes accountability for faculty and students using educational resources.

The cloud based system also enables faculty and administrators to access critical data from any mobile or desktop device. Cut costs by embracing bring your own device (BYOD) policies so staff don’t have to worry about learning new tools. Since BarCloud is managed by us, you can hit the ground running with your asset tracking rather than worrying about the technical side of things.

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Online Inventory Tracking for School Districts

Asset Management Uses for Educators

Teachers in secondary schools often have to cope with limited time with students. The reservation capability of BarCloud enables teachers to adjust their lesson plans based on when equipment is available rather than worrying about last minute changes.

The check-out/check-in feature establishes accountability of staff and students to ensure essential equipment such as lab equipment, computers, smartboards, and desks aren’t lost or stolen.

The advanced reporting capabilities of BarCloud ensure that administrators can make informed purchasing decisions rather than guestimating the amount of equipment to purchase.

Education Inventory Management

Asset Management For Schools Districts

BarCloud enables administrators to keep up-to-date records of IT equipment, vehicles, maintenance tools other critical supplies regardless of size and complexity. This not only enables staff to be more productive but it also ensures equipment isn’t lost or stolen.

BarCloud also enables you to set due dates for borrowed items and also schedule maintenance.. Support for BYOD policies and wireless barcode scanners enables tracking in the field. This ensures that you can make use for limited resources regardless of your campus’ size.

Education Inventory Management

Asset Management For Schools University

The versatility of BarCloud enables teachers to use it in a variety of courses. Whether it’s electrical, machinist, paramedic, culinary, or other courses, you’ll be able to easily track assets regardless of the subject.

Barcode asset tracking eliminates data entry errors by enabling staff to log data in real-time. The BarCloud mobile app also enables staff to catalog information whether in the office or in the field teaching students.

Prevent theft and reduce losses by using check-out/check-in capabilities to ensure borrowed equipment is returned on time. Aside from accountability, asset management software enables you to track maintenance intervals so your equipment is always functional.

Education Inventory Management

Asset Management For Schools Trade

Benefits of Asset Management for Educators

  • Reduce theft and equipment replacement costs
  • Store photos, video, audio and other essential information for key assets
  • Track assets using unique identifiers
  • Reduce wear and tear on equipment by logging maintenance intervals
  • Enable staff to scan barcodes with their mobile
  • Catalog assets in real time while eliminating data entry errors

BarCloud's Asset Tracking Features for Education

BarCloud provides an unmatched barcode based system which enables administrators and faculty to manage their assets with ease.

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Check-out/check-in is an essential feature for all educators because it ensures faculty and students are held accountable for the equipment they use. Aside from tracking equipment ownership from a central location, administrators also can use BarCloud’s reservation feature to know when equipment is available.

School Asset Management Software Check-out

Signature Capture

Improve accountability with BarCloud’s Signature Capture capabilities. Whether you’re receiving, issuing, moving or disposing education consumables, you’ll always have a record of if and when supplies were delivered.

School Asset Management Software Signature Capture

Reservation Capabilities

Faculty and staff can do more with the equipment they have on hand by using the BarCloud’s reservation feature. This capability ensures you aren’t forced into purchasing expensive equipment which goes unused for months or years.

School Asset Management Software Reservation

Advanced Security

Whether you’re tracking assets stored in individual classrooms or across multiple campuses, BarCloud’s support for multiple locations ensures that information is kept on a need to know basis by enabling you to set user specific permissions for information access.

School Asset Management Software Advanced User Security


Teachers, school faculty, school administrators and yourself can set email and SMS alerts for when equipment is due back, or for upcoming expirations and warranties.

Signature Capture for Online Inventory on BarCloud


You can schedule and track maintenance for education resources such as computers, tablets, audio/video equipment, and furniture.

Online Advanced Stock Inventory on BarCloud
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