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Mobile Barcode Scanners for Education

A generation leap forward in ease of use, operating efficiencies and accurate transactions, the BarCloud mobile app for inventory
and asset management offers graphical menu choices and logical, configurable data collection fields plus quick and easy scanning
and data entry via keypad or stylus. Our mobile app runs on these commercial, off-the-shelf hand-held mobile barcode scanners:

Motorola MC40
Motorola MC40
  • .Office-level durability
  • .1D/2D laser barcode scanner
  • .Android™ - Jelly Bean (4.1)
  • .Withstands 3 ft. drops to tile
  • .4.3 in. touch-only display
  • .High-resolution 8MP camera
Motorola MC67
Motorola MC67
  • .Rugged- withstands multiple 6 ft. drops
  • .1D/2D barcode scanning
  • .3.5 inch display
  • .4G HSPA+, dual wireless WAN, & Bluetooth
  • .Android™ - Jelly Bean (4.1)
  • .Enterprise level data capture and security
Motorola TC55
Motorola TC55
  • .Business-level durability
  • .Integrated 1D imager barcode scanning
  • .4.3 inch LCD, Gorilla Glass 2 display
  • .Android™ - Jelly Bean (4.1)
  • .1.5GHz dual-core processor
  • .Withstands 4 ft. drops to Plywood

Cordless Barcode Scanners for Education

A Bluetooth wireless connection from the hand-held scanner to the base station replaces the typical 6 feet cord,
allowing you the freedom to move around. These commercial, off-the-shelf cordless barcode scanners reduce
hassles with built-in industry standard Bluetooth—no version matching or breakable protruding peripherals!

Motorola LS4278 Motorola LS4278
  • .General Use
  • .50 feet range
Motorola LS3578 Motorola LS3578
  • .Rugged Use
  • .150 feet range

Cabled Barcode Scanners for Education

The 6 foot cord on these cabled barcode scanners connect via USB to your PC. These commercial,
off-the-shelf USB cabled barcode scanners offer very simple and straightforward barcode scanning.

Motorola LS2208 Motorola LS2208
  • .General Use
  • .6 foot cord
Motorola LS1203 Motorola LS1203
  • .Office/Light Duty
  • .6 foot cord
Motorola LS3408 Motorola LS3408
  • .Rugged Use
  • .6 foot cord

Additional Barcode Scanners for Education

Makes barcode data collection simple, fast, and easy for all users.
scanner bluetooth hardware

Unitech MS910

  • .Simplistic single-button scanning quickly and easily.
  • .Accessible to scan into smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.
  • .Fast and easy barcode data collection for all users.
Unitech MS920

Unitech MS920

  • .1D & 2D Imager Scanner.
  • .Pocket-sized with LED aimer.
Unitech MS912m

Unitech MS912m

  • .1D Pocket Scanner
  • .Bluetooth and Memory Modes (2MB)
Unitech MS840

Unitech MS840

  • .Rugged Handheld Laser Scanner (1D)
  • .Wireless/Bluetooth connectivity
  • .Withstands 6 ft. drop
Unitech MS837

Unitech MS837

  • .1D Handheld Laser Scanner
  • .USB connectivity- plug and play
  • .Lightweight (4.3oz)
Unitech PA700

Unitech PA700

  • .Enterprise PDA
  • .TI 1.5Ghz Dual Core Processor
  • .Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean
  • .Scans 1D barcodes and RFID

Zebra Z Series Desktop Barcode Label Printers

  • .Compact and versatile, low to medium volume, reliable performance
  • .Prints all sizes of labels from the smallest standard size 1.5” x 0.5” up to the largest typical label 4” x 6”
  • .Thermal transfer printing uses labels and ribbon for higher durability
  • .300 dpi option for finer and higher quality text, graphics and 2D barcodes
Zebra ZD420t Zebra ZD420t
  • Plastic Case
  • Higher print speed and wireless connectivity
  • 203 dpi, USB, 6ips


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