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Never worry about running out of supplies. Focus on your students instead by using
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The Importance of School Inventory Management Software

Relying on tax revenue, government grants, and tuition means schools need to cope with variable budgets every year. Failing to meet the needs of students leads to backlash from parents, and also can cause students to not reach essential testing benchmarks.

Inventory management software enables you to always have an accurate count of supplies by eliminating data entry errors. Barcode based inventory systems enable staff to log supplies with with off the shelf scanners and even their mobile devices.

The Barcloud inventory management system is the solution to all your inventory management needs as it’s a managed solution to streamline staff workflow.

When you have an accurate supply count, you can forecast inventory needs in advance, giving you the freedom to compare prices when buying supplies, rather than waiting until the last minute.

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Online Inventory Tracking for School Districts

Inventory Management Uses for Educators

Use BarCloud to track essential inventory such as cleaning supplies, paper, pencils, scantrons and other educational supplies for your school.

Overcome variable budgets by spending funds more efficiently through bulk purchasing and correctly allocating supplies. Being able to track inventory consumption enables you to accurately forecast future inventory needs.

Enable educators to focus on their jobs by keeping real-time inventory reports (such as fiscal inventory records, physical inventory reports, and more) so you know when to reorder supplies, where those items go, and the amount of inventory on hand.

Administrators and faculty can use BarCloud to track when educational supplies are received, picked, stored or moved from location to location. Whether they’re in the field or at their desks, they’ll always have access to critical information through the BarCloud mobile app.

Education Inventory Management

Inventory Management Software For Schools Districts

Universities around the globe use BarCloud to track essential inventory across departments to ensure their students and faculty can focus on education rather than tedious tasks.

Inventory management software enables administrators to view supply count across departments and locations so you can simplify your purchasing processes.

BarCloud is a managed inventory management solution so you don’t need to worry about adding additional IT instructure or overwhelming your existing staff. Support for Android and iOS mobile devices enables your institution to implement bring your own device (BYOD) policies so administrators and faculty can view and log critical information while away from their desks.

Education Inventory Management

Inventory Management Software For Schools University

Medical, trade, and healthcare focused schools use BarCloud’s managed inventory management capabilities to track educational equipment across departments and buildings without worrying about hefty IT investments.

Support for Android and iOS devices enables administrators to implement bring your own device (BYOD) policies so administrators and staff don’t have to worry about learning how to using more tools. BarCloud also supports off the shelf barcode scanners so you don’t have to worry about vendor lock-in.

The check-out/check-in feature of BarCloud helps prevent theft and loss by establishing accountability for faculty and staff. Administrators can track chemicals, mechanical tools, cooking supplies, computers, and more as it changes hands.

Education Inventory Management

Inventory Management Software For Schools Trade

Benefits of Inventory Management for Educators

  • Accurately forecast inventory needs for future semesters
  • Maintain grant amounts by efficiently using your budget
  • Reduce wasted space by efficiently organizing your supplies
  • Ensure all your locations have the right amount of supplies
  • Log inventory as it comes in and as it’s consumed to eliminate missing records and discrepancies
  • Improve staff and faculty efficiency by enabling them to locate inventory instantly

Barcloud’s Key Features for Educators

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Advanced Inventory Reporting

The built in reporting capabilities within BarCloud enables you to improve purchasing cycles by basing your decisions on accurate information. Logging critical information such as inventory consumption rates enables you to accurately forecast your supply needs before the start of the semester.

School Inventory Advanced Inventory Reporting

Advanced Stock Inventory Tracking

BarCloud allows you to track all types of inventory across departments or buildings. Whether the inventory is standard, serialized, serial with quantity inventories, or inventory with expiration dates, Barcloud can handle all your needs.

School Inventory Advanced Inventory Tracking

Support for Bring your Own Device (BYOD) Policies

Staff can use their own Android and iOS devices to log inventory data while they’re in the classroom or in the field. Aside from the convenience, training and equipment costs are cut, enabling you to devote more funds towards educating students.

School Inventory Bring Your Own Device

Automated Alerts

Teachers, school faculty, school administrators, and yourself can set alert triggers via email and SMS when inventory levels get low and when you need to reorder.

School Inventory Automated Alerts

Custom Barcode Labels

Customize your barcodes to show your institution name, department information, logo, or other critical information using Barcloud. You can even use metal and hard plastic barcode labels along with peel and stick ones to ensure inventory can be tracked regardless of where it’s stored.

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Multiple Location Sync

Support for multiple locations enables you to track inventory across departments and buildings. Users can access their individual data without having access to the entire system, while administrators can view all information from a central location.

school inventory multi site
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