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Medical Services and Healthcare Industry

Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical instrument manufacturers, physicians' clinics, doctors' offices, and nursing staffs rely on BarCloud to improve medical stock and equipment management online using barcode technology.

BarCloud meets all inventory control :

Standard Medical inventory: track medical supplies by quantity and stock item numbers.
Serialized Medical Inventory: track medical supplies and equipment using serial numbers.
Batch-lot medical inventory: utilize batch-lot numbers with expirations dates on medical supplies, medication, and more.

Online Medical Supplies Management and Equipment Tracking for Hospitals, Physicians' Clinics, Doctors' Offices, and Nursing Staffs

Track medical equipment and tools ranging from IT assets, medical instruments, and wheelchairs to consumable stock like pharmaceuticals, bandages, and syringes. Collect and centralize personal medical documents, doctor's office files, and flow of inventory data.


Online Features for the Healthcare Industry

BarCloud for Asset Tracking:

  • Track equipment by location
  • Tracks serial and barcode number
  • Schedule equipment maintenance
  • Generate configurable reports online
  • Record notes for each asset

BarCloud for Inventory Tracking:

  • Save cost from reduced stock levels
  • Immediate access and monitoring of inventory levels
  • Reduce stock shortages
  • Inventory tracking with expiration date, batch-lot codes
  • Automatic reordering of stock
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