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Inventory Tracking for the Government

BarCloud is a proven online inventory and equipment tracking system that allows state, municipal, local, and federal departments to accurately track where various equipment resides and get one view of all equipment, components, and consumables. Generate configurable reports to get the complete ownership and history of all equipment moved from person-to-person or throughout multiple locations and departments. Save time and money, reduce data entry errors with barcode scanning, and make your life easier!

Effectively manage expensive equipment ranging from IT equipment, voting booths, furniture, and vehicles to office documents and voting records, all with barcode scanning. Also schedule and monitor maintenance on government-owned equipment.

BarCloud's online inventory management provides tracking of consumable items for local, municipal, state, and federal departments. This includes pens, printing paper, printer cartridges, and raw materials for government mechanics to help reduce shrinkage and allocate resources in the most efficient way.

Online Inventory and Equipment Tracking for Local, Municipal, States, and Federal Government

Government Department Features

Asset Tracking for Local, Municipal, State, and Federal Departments:

  • Track equipment by location using barcode
  • Tracks by serial and barcode number
  • Enables data field renaming
  • Upload and keep equipment images, documents, and videos
  • Schedule and perform equipment maintenance
  • Assign equipment categories, like voting equipment
  • Generate configurable management reports
  • Record notes for equipment

Track All Types of Inventory in the Cloud:

  • Documents, Records, Archives
  • Computers and laptops
  • Smartphones and other IT assets
  • Vehicles
  • Tools
  • Voting Equipment
  • Office Supplies
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