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Flagging and Notes Tool for Inventory Management

Inventory favorite items and adding notes

The Inventory System Users can Flag important stock inventory line items. Users may also add collaborative notes and timestamps on important modules such as vendors, stock purchase orders, and stock sales orders.

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Video inventory management flagged notes

Video about flagging and notes

BarCloud’s new flags and notes allow users to identify critical assets by flagging them for better visibility and access, and our newly enhanced notes feature provides users with a history of each note logged, the user who created it and the date it was created creating a chronological timeline of notes.


Flagging Stock Inventory Line Items

This feature allows users to favorite relevant stock inventory line items in the stock file screen and stock inventory screen to increase visibility.

Users are able to start flagging/deflagging items by simply clicking the checkbox, allowing flagged items to be sorted to appear at the top of the list.

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Chronological Note Tool

The collaborative note tool allows users to add notes on different files such as location, vendors, stock purchase orders, stock sales orders, etc.

Collaborative notes will be added chronologically and have a timestamp and user information, allowing users to see who added the note at what time.

Users are able to revisit inputted notes and make necessary edits in the case of a mistake.

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Administrator Security Level

Administrators are able to choose which users are able to input and edit notes through BarCloud’s security level feature.

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