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Online Inventory Management

BarCloud is changing the way organizations track and manage inventory—providing efficient cloud based, mobile and data driven solutions to address today’s business challenges. BarCloud allows you to save time and reduce errors by automating the recordkeeping process and eliminating manual data entry.


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Customize Data Fields

Designed to handle the needs of elaborate and high-volume inventory operations, BarCloud provides the ability to rename almost any field in the system according to your nomenclature and data organization requirements.

Implement a Custom Barcode System

Leverage easy to use barcoding tools to effectively track stock items at multiple locations. BarCloud enables you to format and configure barcode labels and then print them right from your browser or mobile device.

Increase Visibility and Drive Action

BarCloud provides the relevant information you need to optimize inventory activities. Use built-in reports or configure your own reports to monitor and analyze inventory data, and gain insights that drive more efficient processes

Flexible Inventory Tracking Solution

With proven solutions for quantity-based, serialized, batch and lot inventory types, BarCloud has the tracking tools to accommodate your business and inventory environment.


Quantity Inventory

Manage stock items by basic quantity, with each item counting as a single unit or SKU. These are not unique items, nor are they tracked individually.

Standard inventory

Serialized Inventory

Track items individually by unique identifiers such as serial numbers or ID numbers, in addition to quantity.

Serialized inventory

Batch and Lot Inventory

Monitor specific product lots or batches, which typically were produced or purchased on the same day. Otherwise you can assign your own expiration date, batch or lot numbers within the system.

Batch–lot inventory

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Timely Inventory Control

BarCloud allows you and your team to make informed inventory decisions in real time because you can access your data whenever you need it — through desktop computers, tablets, smartphones and dedicated barcode scanners. Not only are users staying productive , but they are also eliminating guesswork and wasted resources.

Inventory online means real-time data

Add to Your Cloud Software Mix

Access all your business tools in the same environment. Teams can be tracking inventory in BarCloud on one browser window or tab and using Office 365 or Google Apps on others. Thus, maintaining a steady workflow.

Web based vs. On-premise inventory control

Start Tracking Immediately

Unlike on-premises solutions, there is no software to deploy across company server and client computers. Just set up user credentials, login and start importing, collecting and tracking inventory data without wasting any time.

Added efficiencies

Inventory Management Online Features

  • User configurable to your specifications
  • Track all inventory received in the cloud
  • Track work-in-process (WIP)
  • Receive using purchase order or without purchase order
  • Receive to a default location or to a scanned location
  • Receive using unit of measure (UOM) multiplier
  • Issue to customers / jobs / production / scrap
  • Allow same stock number at multiple locations
  • Record all inventory issued by destination
  • Issue against sales order or without sales order
  • Maintain standard inventory cost in the cloud
  • Maintain supplier information in the cloud
  • Categorize raw materials, WIP and finished goods
  • Conduct online physical inventory or cycle counts
  • Reconcile physical inventory to book inventory
  • Receive using purchase order or without purchase order
  • Generate web-based management reports
  • Export online data via PDF, Excel, Word, etc.
  • SaaS for printing barcode labels and catalogs
  • Provide global and local inventory levels
  • Support random and dedicated put away
  • Automatic web-based reorder
  • First In, First Out (FIFO) control
  • Use cabled or portable barcode scanners

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