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Brothers Transportation Service

Brothers Transportation Services is a full-service delivery and logistics company. They operate locally, nationally and internationally providing services that include air freight cargo, specialized delivery, and a wide range of transportation and logistical support services. With worldwide services, there was a critical need for efficient and accurate Web-Based Inventory System.


The greatest concern for Brothers Transportation Service was the ability to accurately track inventory received and then transported and delivered to their clients. Additionally, they required an Inventory Tracking System that would allow them to track inventory across multiple devices and locations.


Implementing our Cloud and Barcode based Inventory Tracking System proved to be the perfect solution for all of the organization's inventory management needs. Jeff Boughton, of BTS, reported that upon implementation, “employees adjusted with ease of use and no learning curve.” With our Barcode Tracking system, employees were able to easily track inventory and create custom reports.


With its ease of use and ability to quickly and accurately manage inventory, our Cloud and Barcode Based Inventory Tracking System has improved the efficiency and enhanced productivity at BTS. Our Cloud-based solution offers greater visibility of inventory and allows tracking from anywhere at any time. In addition, custom reporting and analytics offer increased inventory management within warehouses.


ASAP Systems offered their solution to simple inventory management and the ability to track inventory quickly and accurately. Our Cloud and Barcode Based Inventory Tracking System has surpassed the needs of Brothers Transportation Services and continues to be a proven asset.

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