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Invoice Report

There is a new way to configure your invoice reports. You can now simply adjust the sales tax. Just enter any tax rate in the reports editor before running your invoice reports, and design your invoices as you decide!

How to modify the sales tax?

First of all, you need to select the report, and press the ‘edit’ button. Once in the edit screen, go down to the lower left of the page and click on ‘Dictionary’. Then to the upper left of the page, click on ‘Variables’, and open ‘Tax Rate’.


Learn more about Issue History Report

This video takes a closer look into ASAP Systems’ inventory management and asset tracking solution. In this video, we will guide you through BarCloud’s new feature: Invoice. The Invoice feature does not include sales tax calculation. Therefore, users will need to adjust the sales tax to their local area. How to do this? This video will give you a step by step tutorial on how to change your sales tax and issue invoice reports.

Edit tax rate value

On this page, you just need to change the tax rate value. Our systems are highly configurable and adaptable to customers coming from various industries and regions. Each customer might decide to put a different tax rate, and our systems allow this to happen through a simple ‘edit’ in the invoice report.


Create invoice for your issue transaction

Once you have set the tax rate, you just need to save in order to run the system. The system will automatically create an invoice for every issue transaction registered in the system. The transactions are now issued, as shown in the image aside.

Sales Tax Invoice

Additionally, you can click on the ‘Admin’ box to the upper right, then on ‘System Configuration’, and the ‘Print Receipt’ option. Also, you can choose the ‘Pick/Issue Receipt’ option to have that receipt be your new invoice. Select the ‘Sales by Customer (Invoice) option’. Hence, whenever you click on ‘issued transaction’, you will initiate the ‘print receipt’ option that will generate an invoice for that transaction. Moreover, you have the option to save the invoice into another format, email or print. You can also make additional changes and modifications in the design so that the invoice can truly fit exactly what your company and situation needs.