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Layout for Asset Tracking and Inventory Management

Increase Physical Location Visibility

The Layout Feature allows the Cloud-Based Inventory System and Asset Tracking System users to quickly and easily visualize the physical location of their available stock and asset items.



  • Gaining absolute physical visibility over your assets and inventory items.
  • Smarter allocation of resources.
  • Increased inventory and asset control.
  • More efficient use of Time.

The Administrators have the ability to:

  • Add a new address, complete mandatory fields in order to appear on the map.
  • Have Field Control, users can control the visibility and edit certain fields depending on assigned security level.
  • Add a new building, designate an address to it with an adequate image.
  • Add a floor map in the building where you can break it into different locations.

The layout Users have the ability to:

  • Run a global search to find the location of the needed stock and asset items and see its exact location on a floor map.
  • Choose to view the map in either terrain or satellite view.
  • Drag the Pegman onto the map to open street view.
  • View all your available addresses with the total quantity of assets and stock items.
  • Filter the view by either site, building or floor view.

How it Works?

Watch this video and discover how the Layout Feature work. The new Layout module displays the exact Asset and/or Inventory items in quantities.

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