Cloud-Based Asset and Inventory Management Proven to Optimize Your Business

Location Min/Max

Maintain Optimal Inventory Levels

Inventory System users will be able to set configurable minimum and maximum inventory level thresholds for each storage or warehouse location. This feature enhances order management and helps to avoid stockouts or overstocks.

 Keep Cost-Effective Stock Levels
Manage Inventory Orders and Transfers on Mobile

Make Timely Decisions On the Go

Location Min/Max helps you make quick and appropriate inventory decisions, such as stock transfers between warehouse locations, with the help of dynamic SMS and email notifications. The message can be customized so it makes the most sense to the recipient and greatest impact on the business.

Manage By Location and Inventory Types

Add new stock level thresholds and details from a user-friendly dashboard. You can edit existing amounts for all types of inventory, including standard (quantity-based), batch (expiration-based), and serialized inventory types.

Control Quantity and Batch Inventory at Multiple

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