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BarCloud Testimonial- TelePacific Communications

Watch how successful BarCloud has been for TelePacific Communications in tracking the complete inventory and asset lifecycles of their telecom equipment in the cloud.

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"The last year we did a project for fixed asset and during the audit we recognized the need for having a good inventory system, and after completing the audit we immediately started looking for a solution.

We kept most of our inventory in spreadsheets. All the engineers have their system to track engineering equipment, but the material that goes to our warehouse, that was mainly tracked in a spreadsheet.

We found out about ASAP Systems using Google Search, and also, when we were trying to contact different sales people, I think one of your sales person contacted our warehouse manager. We are tracking all the tele-comm equipment such as routers, switches, network gear, network cards, batteries, UPS system, computers… Every year we buy thousands of these items and now we are tracking all of these using BarCloud.

The best thing about BarCloud is actually it is cloud based and it is very fast. Plus, it's very user-friendly. We didn't put too much procedure in place because the system was so much user-friendly and so easy to follow that we just gave it to end users and just asked them to start using it. And the day they got their first login, after that they rarely had a question.

My name is Mukesh Tikarya. I work at TelePacific Communications in Los Angeles. I am a vice president of internal audit. TelePacific Communication is a company providing services to businesses in California, Nevada, and Texas, and we have over 40,000 customers. We sell mainly to small and medium businesses."

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