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Order Management System (OMS)

Enable and Configure Purchase Order and Sales Order Approvals

The Inventory System users will be able to access the Approvals menu from the System Configuration screen. They may also assign vendors or customers to be included within the cycle choosing one or two approval cycles. Without assigning vendors or customers to the cycle, the Purchase Order or Sales Order will be automatically approved.

Within this menu, users are asked to select the first and second approvers, giving the user the option of appointing either the creator of the PO’s or SO’s manager or any other administrative security level person. The user also has the option of notifying those associated of any pending requests, approvals, or rejections by email.

Order management system configuration

How Does the Purchase Order and Sales Order Approval Cycle Work?

Learn how the Approval Cycle facilitates Inventory Tracking. The OMS System helps you manage Business to Business purchases and sales, giving more control over your assets.


The Process of Purchase Order/Sales Order Completion

To create a Purchase Order or a Sales Order that has been assigned an Approval Cycle, choose the vendor or customer linked to the cycle. Make all the changes required within the order before submitting it as none can be made after submission. Once the order enters a cycle, it must be approved by all parties for it to be completed. Only after approval, can the PO and the SO be used in the Receive and Issue transactions.

Order Management system oms
Order management system rejection

The Process of Purchase Order/Sales Order Rejection

Rejection does not require the order to go through the full cycle. If the first approver rejects an order, its status is automatically rejected without needing to go through the second approver. Upon rejection, the approver has the choice to add explanatory notes for the creator to make adjustments before resending the order. Once the Purchase Order or Sales Order is sent off, it re-enters the cycle from the start.


PO-SO Approval Cycle

Manage your orders effectively and easily with the Approval Cycle. This Order Management System notifies you of purchase and sales activity through emails, and gives you the chance to review orders before they are sent off.

Order Management System Infographic



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