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Pack and Ship for Inventory Management

Easily Pick, Pack, and Ship Inventory

Pick, pack, and ship stock inventory easily with our online barcode inventory system, BarCloud. BarCloud integrates with FedEx, UPS, and DHL so users can pick, pack, and process shipments straight from the BarCloud inventory management system interface.

Feature Benefits:

  • No need to exit the system
  • Reduce data entry with pre-populated shipping
  • International shipping through DHL
  • Same options as major delivery services
Online Stock Inventory Pack and Ship
Pack and Ship Barcode Feature

See the Pack and Ship Process

Watch a brief overview on the stock inventory pick, pack, and ship feature.

Log Historical Shipping Activity

Look up history on all inventory items that have been shipped.

Pick, Pack, and Ship History Online
Web-based Stock Shipping Management

Configure the Shipping Process Online

Pack and ship can be configured in a number of ways by allowing the user to process a transaction, require a signature, and create a shipping, or all of the above in the cloud.

Confirm Inventory Was Packed

Simply confirm on the barcode scanner screen that the correct items are packed.

Web-Based Pick Pack Confirmation
Barcode Shipping Management Verification

Verify Shipping Completion

Easily sign and ship stock inventory as an extra form of verification in the shipping process.

Mobile Inventory Shipping Control

Use smartphone devices to effectively pick, pack, and ship stock inventory on the BarCloud mobile barcode app.

Barcode Pick Pack Shipping Management

All Stock Inventory Features

  • Track all inventory received
  • Track work-in-process (WIP)
  • Receive using purchase order (PO) or without PO
  • Receive to a default location or scanned location
  • Receive using unit of measure (UOM) multiplier
  • Issue to customers / jobs / production / scrap
  • Allow same stock number at multiple locations
  • Record all inventory issued by destination
  • Issue against sales order (SO) or without SO
  • Automatic reordering of inventory
  • Maintain standard inventory cost
  • Maintain supplier information
  • Import data using Google Drive, MS SkyDrive, Box, Dropbox.
  • Categorize raw materials, WIP, finished goods
  • Conduct physical inventory or cycle count
  • Reconcile physical inventory to book inventory
  • Generate management reports
  • Export data via PDF, Excel, Word, HTML, etc.
  • Print barcode labels and catalogs
  • Provide global and local inventory levels
  • Support random and dedicated put away
  • First In, First Out (FIFO) control
  • Analytical graphs and charts for viewing data
  • Use cabled and portable scanners
  • User configurable to your specifications
  • Rename any data field at your convenience.

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