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RFID Tracking System

ASAP System announces the integration of the RFID tracking system in its mobile application BarCloud. BarCloud is adaptable to both Apple and Android smart devices.

RFID Tracking Mobile App

The RFID handheld reader connects via bluetooth to read the tags. With the new RFID tracking system, companies can perform transactions such as receive, move and perform their physical inventories in 1/10 of the time they were taking before using BarCloud. All that is needed is the Smartphone or Tablet, the BarCloud RFID module and the RFID reader pointed in the general direction of your RFID tags, and you'll have your assets scanned within 5 seconds!

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Watch the RFID Video Overview

ASAP Systems, adapts the RFID technology in its cloud-based asset tracking system, BarCloud. By pairing your smartphone with the Bluetooth RFID reader and customizing your options on the mobile app, asset tracking is done in only a few seconds.


Read & Select RFID tags

The following images give a sneak peek of the new RFID tracking system combined with the BarCloud mobile application. After selecting the RFID option, a list of tagged RFID tags will appear on the screen of the smartphone device. Users would then select the RFID tags that they would like to track, confirm, or check for maintenance.

Read & Select RFID tags
RFID Asset Tracking Check In-Out Reports

RFID tracking System

With this new RFID tracking system, users can even generate an on-site discrepancy report in which they compare the current inventory to the previous one. Finally, BarCloud's mobile application allows for a highly customizable user experience that adapts to a wide variety of customers and their different needs.


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