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Internal Shopping Carts

Internal Shopping Cart of
Your Inventory and Assets for Everyone.

Shopping Cart

ASAP Systems’ introduced a set of three carts, that can benefit everyone within your organization. The Online Internal Shopping Carts incorporate an Inventory Cart where all employees can shop within their own inventory, an Asset Reservation Cart where all users can reserve assets to be checked out, and an Asset Custody Cart, where you can assign an Asset to the guardianship of an employee.

Inventory Cart

The Inventory Cart allows all assigned users to log in and browse through available stock items in their own warehouses/stockrooms. The Inventory Cart underpins three types of user access, the Shoppers, the Administrators, and the Users.

Asset Reservation Cart

The Asset Reservation Cart allows all employees in the organization to reserve their required Asset. An employee can reserve it, an administrator can check it out, and checks it back in when it is assigned to be returned. This process will help everybody in the organization to have the needed visibility on the available assets.

Asset Custody Cart

The Asset Custody Cart, Allows all employees within your organization to request custody over an Asset item, and he will be held accounted for as long as he has custody over it. That means the designated Asset can no longer be checked out by other employees.

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