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Universal Product Code Query for Inventory Systems

Quickly Find Inventory Info

Allows Inventory System users to use our online Universal Product Code query. This is a time saving function with the ability to easily search online databases for product information linked to stock inventory items found in the system.

This Online Search Tool Provides:

  • Time savings in daily workflow
  • Reduction of manual data entry
  • In-app Universal Product Code database search
Barcode Universal Product Code Query
Barcode Universal Product Code Search

Universal Product Code Search Options

Within BarCloud, simply choose whether to use the Universal Product Code query feature to search the global database and easily add the inventory item code you want into BarCloud's online system database or manually enter it yourself.


Mobile Universal Product Code Query

Users can simply scan the product's barcode using a mobile barcode scanner or smartphone, click on the Universal Product Code Query Icon, followed by the search icon to generate a list of Universal Product Code inventory item search results.

Barcode Universal Product Code Lookup
Barcode Universal Product Code Results

Populate Inventory Info

Select from the list in order to automatically populate the new stock item data fields with product information that can then be saved into the online BarCloud database.


Compare and Confirm Results

Compare online Universal Product Code search results, confirm that you have selected the correct item number and save the data to complete the process.

Barcode UPC Confirmation

All Stock Inventory Features

  • Track all stock received
  • Track work-in-process (WIP)
  • Receive using purchase order (PO) or without PO
  • Receive to a default location or scanned location
  • Receive using unit of measure (UOM) multiplier
  • Issue to customers / jobs / production / scrap
  • Allow same stock number at multiple locations
  • Record all inventory issued by destination
  • Issue against sales order (SO) or without SO
  • Automatic reordering of inventory
  • Maintain standard stock cost
  • Maintain supplier information
  • Import data using Google Drive, MS SkyDrive, Box, Dropbox.
  • Categorize raw materials, WIP, finished goods
  • Conduct physical inventory or cycle count
  • Reconcile physical inventory to book inventory
  • Generate management reports
  • Export data via PDF, Excel, Word, HTML, etc.
  • Print barcode labels and catalogs
  • Provide global and local stock levels
  • Support random and dedicated put away
  • First In, First Out (FIFO) control
  • Analytical graphs and charts for viewing data
  • Use cabled and portable scanners
  • User configurable to your specifications
  • Rename any data field at your convenience.

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