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BarCloud and QuickBooks Online Tiers

Watch this video to learn about the different QuickBooks Online tiers and how they integrate with BarCloud.

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“QuickBooks online provides three different account tiers, the top tier being the QuickBooks Online Plus, which we expect many people are using because it allows for inventory cost accounting and has both inventory and non-inventory products and which fully integrates with BarCloud.

There is also the Essentials tier, which allows for purchasing, vendors, bills and sales, customers, and invoices, however isn’t tracking quantity-on-hand in QuickBooks Online and is only tracking non-inventory products. And finally the Simple Start tier, which only allows for sales, customers, and invoices, and again, is only tracking non-inventory products. If you are using the Essentials or the Simple Start tier, we ask that you please let us know, so that we can steer you in the right direction regarding usage and integration.

For QuickBooks Online plus users who are tracking quantity-on-hand, you will want to navigate to your company name on the top right and select it, then navigate to settings, and choose company settings from there. Next, navigate to the products and services area on the left, and make sure the checkbox is enabled for quantity-on-hand inventory tracking. Also, when adding a new inventory product in QuickBooks Online, make sure the checkbox to track on-hand quantity is enabled. However, if this is a non-inventory item, leave this unchecked.

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