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Inventory & Asset Mobile App for Android

Watch this video BarCloud's inventory and asset tracking mobile app for Android. The inventory and asset mobile app is compatible with Android devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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"Hello, in this video you will be introduced to ASAP Systems' BarCloud inventory and asset tracking application for Android, and at the end of this video you will also see a live demonstration of the application as well. Here we can see the BarCloud App for Android. To begin using it you will enter in your email, your username and password. Once that is done, simply click on the login button. Once you are logged in, you will see all available transactions, or if you tap files, you will be able to see all of the available stock inventory and asset tracking files in which you can search. You begin a transaction, simply tap on the transaction that you will need, tap the first field in which you will scan and then scan the barcode. You can also tap on the field name and this will allow you to search for something or allow you to search for something specific item within that particular form. And this can be done to all the database fields on the form. Unlike most barcode scanning apps, there is no need to tap the screen in order to capture the barcode. Once the camera on your device sees the barcode, the information will populate in the data field you specified. To complete the receive transaction, fill in the asset number and if we need to, we can also fill in things like the serial number and the cost. Simply tap processed to finish.

Additionally, you can also move assets to people and/or locations, or dispose of assets to remove them from the inventory database. You can also perform a check out of an asset and here you can also assign a due date to that and finally check the asset back in from the mobile itself. Now, we'll take a look at some of the files, so we'll tap on asset and this allows us to either search through a list or filter through a specific asset. Here we can see the one that was just added on the transaction we did, or we can check the models and again, we can search for a specific model or select one form the list. The same thing goes for any of the locations you have in your database, as well as for any people you have added into the database.

Hi, today we are going to demonstrate BarCloud on the mobile devices. Today we have an iPhone 5 and an iPad. Today we are going to demo it on the iPad because it looks exactly the same and functions the exact same way. The only reason we are using the iPad is because it has a bigger screen to show on video. So here we have the iPad and here is the BarCloud mobile barcode app icon and we simply tap on it to launch it. So once we enter the email and the username and password, we simply tap on the login button and now we are inside BarCloud web. The icons are very simple, at the very bottom here we have our transactions and here we have our files. For files, what we have is we can search for assets. We can search for the model numbers, the locations, and the people. However, to conduct a transaction we just simply go down here, tap on the transaction button and say we want to receive a brand new asset. To receive, we just simply start scanning barcodes. So the first barcode we are going to scan is basically the location where we want to receive the item to. So we simply just tap on the barcode icon to activate the camera (barcode scanner). Once the camera is activated we point to the barcode.

Once it is done, you can see at the bottom it say conference 204, we hit done. At this point, we can either tap on the person or scan the barcode, so to find a person we just do it this way or we can simply search for the person. So, say we want to search for Jessica, here she is. Once we tap on it, it will bring it back. Next we scan the inventory purchase order or we can just simply skip to the model. Here we can scan the barcode for the model as well. Again, tap on the icon to activate the camera, find the model number of the item we want to track, and once it is right at the bottom we hit done. At this point we need to scan the asset barcode number. So it's best, let's just say we have this asset over here. We want to receive this asset, let's find the barcodes on the back. So we are going to use this asset the number here and use this as the serial number. So again, we activate the scanner, we point to the barcode of the item we want to track. So once it found it like here, we hit done. Now let's scan the serial number, we tap again to activate the barcode, once it finds it, once it activates it. At this point, here is the serial number, we hit done. The cost, let's just enter the cost. Go to the inventory notes, enter the notes and hit process. This asset transaction saved, now it is added. To move an item from one place to another, we just tap on the move button. The "To location", like I said we can either scan a barcode or tap on the "to" and we will find the location where we want it to go to. Let's just say we want to go to this location, you tap on it and it will bring it back, or, again like I said, you can activate the camera and scan the barcode for that inventory item. You scan the person. Let's say you want to move it to a person at this point, once again we can just activate the camera, find the barcode, hit done, and now scan the asset number. So again, activate the barcode and let's go back to this asset number over here. Found it and we hit done. Hit process. This item just moved. It's that simple.

And same thing with check out/check in, say I want to check something out, I tap on the check out. I can tap on the person's name in case they are not around for me to scan their barcode. Let's say we want to check out to this person, let's just check out this asset number. So let's just tap to activate the camera once again, here is the asset number we want to check out and once it finds it, we hit done. At this point we can simply tap how many days it's due in or we can just click on due date. Go down here and say it can be due September 28th at 6PM, hit done and process. This item just got checked out.

To check it back in, same process. We just hit check in and scan the barcodes like we demonstrated."

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