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Inventory Mobile Image Capture for BarCloud

Watch this video on BarCloud's inventory image capture feature for the mobile app. Take or upload photos into specific inventory files directly from the mobile app.

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"Welcome to ASAP BarCloud. Until now, users have only been able to view an inventory image when using BarCloud mobile. However, with the latest release of BarCloud mobile, users can now add images to inventory files including the asset file, the models file and the person file. Additionally, users can also add images on transactions such as the asset receive transaction and the asset physical inventory transaction.

Here, we can see examples of these files with the asset file on the left, the person file in the middle and the model file on the right, all with no image. To upload an image to an existing file, navigate to the file section of BarCloud mobile, which is where we are at now, and in this example we will select the models file. Next, select the file you wish to add an image for by either choosing it from the list, or by typing in the specific model you are looking for at the top. In this case, we'll do a search for the model number we need and here you can see the model we're looking for. We can select it from the list and here we can see the information about the model and we also see an option to add a picture.

By selecting the add picture option, users will have two choices, to choose a picture from their library, or take a new picture. In this case, we'll select to take picture and this will activate the camera on the smartphone. Next, the user will take a picture of the item they need. Once that's done, we can see an option to save the image. Simply tap save, and that will upload the image into the database.

Here you can see the example we started with, with the asset file, person file and model file with no image, and here you can see the newly updated files with an image on all three different files. These files can also be viewed in BarCloud Web by first navigating to the files menu, choosing the inventory file you wish to navigate to, and you can either scroll through the list or type in search to find the specific record that you need. Once you found the record, you can either double click it or select it and choose the open select option at the top. Next, select the image tab, and here you can see an image that was uploaded from the mobile device.

Thank you for viewing this video and please stay tuned for more updates from ASAP BarCloud."

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