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BarCloud Inventory Quick Start Guide

Watch the overview video on BarCloud’s Quick Start Guide displaying an easy to use way to maneuver and utilize BarCloud’s inventory system in four easy steps. The Quick Start Guide helps users learn the system quickly with little or no training at all.

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“Welcome to BarCloud, a business-based barcoding application for inventory control and asset tracking in the cloud. In BarCloud’s newest release, all inventory and asset tracing application icons have been updated and improved for smartphone and barcode scanning devices with advanced display technologies to provide a crisper and cleaner icon.

BarCloud also introduces an all new Quick Start Guide for both asset tracking and stock inventory management providing users with an easy to use start up tool for building out their tracking ecosystem in four simple steps.

Finally, users will now see a mobile icon informing users of the functions that are available and most often used with the BarCloud mobile app. Please visit us at for additional information.”

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