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QuickBooks Online Integration Settings

Watch this video to learn about the settings and options of BarCloud's integration with QuickBooks Online.

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"There are many different use cases for how QuickBooks Online and BarCloud can work together. A typical scenario, which highlights some of the more common things, is described here in this video.

QuickBooks manages the financial aspects, while BarCloud manages the warehouse and inventory control tasks. What this means, is your accounting person will manage the entities directly in QuickBooks Online as the normally do. Specifically with regards to defining accounts, and setting up cost and prices, including things such as products and services, customers, and vendors.

And your warehouse staff using BarCloud, will manage the two main inventory tasks of receiving in product, and picking and pulling product to be sold and shipped. The integration sync between the two systems handles the formerly manual QuickBooks Online tasks that are related to the two previously mentioned transactions. By receiving inventory, BarCloud will create the QuickBooks Online bills, and by issuing inventory, BarCloud will create the QuickBooks Online invoices.

The workflow would look like this. For products and services, QuickBooks Online products and services would sync to BarCloud. For purchasing and receiving, QuickBooks Online vendors and purchase orders sync to BarCloud. Receiving product into BarCloud would then sync over to QuickBooks Online and create the bill. For sales, picking, pulling, and shipping, QuickBooks Online customers would sync over to BarCloud. Issuing to the customers from BarCloud would then sync over to QuickBooks Online to create the invoices.

Please note that this scenario is the default implementation, but BarCloud allows you to control the directional nature of data syncing allowing bi-directionality between QuickBooks Online and BarCloud when needed. And that workflow, with directional sync arrows, is the guideline for configuring the QuickBooks Online/BarCloud integration. Specifically in BarCloud you would go to admin, system configuration, QuickBooks Online integration, where you can press the edit settings button and change your connection criteria.

To view a live demonstration of BarCloud and for assistance with BarCloud's QuickBooks Online integration, please contact us today!"

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