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Inventory and Asset Tracking Data Backed Up with Box

BarCloud, an online barcode inventory management and asset tracking system using barcode mobile scanners, improves its data backup Data backup process in the cloud with a new streamlined login to Box's content sharing platform by making it easier to back up data with a few clicks of a button in BarCloud.

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“Welcome to ASAP Systems BarCloud, a business-based barcoding application hosted in the Cloud, which provides solutions for tracking stock inventory and assets.

And now announces its new streamlined process of backing up data from anywhere, at any time, through

BarCloud Administrators can quickly grant access to their account, and seamlessly initiate the back up of their database making the process of securing valuable inventory and asset data quick and effective with box's dynamic content management platform.

Once completed, Admins can login to their to view their inventory and asset tracking files.

For Additional information on ASAP Systems BarCloud, please contact us for a free, live demo today.”

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