Online Asset Maintenance Video

Learn about BarCloud Web’s new Asset Maintenance feature, which allows users to schedule maintenance and track maintenance information such as cost and date.

“Welcome to ASAP Systems’ BarCloud, a business-based barcoding application hosted in the cloud which provides solutions for tracking stock inventory and assets.

And now, ASAP Systems’ BarCloud introduces asset maintenance for BarCloud Web. BarCloud’s new asset maintenance feature allows users to schedule both one time, and recurring maintenance.

Additionally, users can also specify if the maintenance will be date based, or based on an asset data field, allowing users to track maintenance based on different milestones, such as calibration dates, software expirations, mileage, and more.

Users can also track the cost of parts and labor, along with notes about the performed maintenance. BarCloud’s maintenance reports, provide visibility to see details, such as who performed the maintenance, any cost associated, and when the maintenance was performed.

Finally, BarCloud introduces a new barcode scan mode. This feature gives the user the power to scan a stock item and default the quantity to one allowing users to scan each item individually, without having to enter an item quantity.

For additional information on ASAP Systems’ BarCloud, please contact us for a free, live demo today.”

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