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Asset Tracking System Online Helps the Down Syndrome Connection

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Name is Karen Baca, I’m an Assistive Technology Specialist at the Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area. We are a non-profit. We provide services and supports to families, children and individuals with down syndrome, as well as we have an educational alliance with eighteen school districts where we provide curriculum and supports.

We track several different kinds of assets online with our system, the most important is our assistive technology library, which includes low-tech, mid-tech, and high-tech devices like iPads and communication devices that we loan to families. We also loan them to educators and schools so children with down syndrome who are nonverbal or need help with communication can use these devices to help them communicate.

I was looking for an asset tracking system, in particular one online using barcodes. We chose ASAP Systems online inventory and asset tracking system, BarCloud. We chose the system because of its ease-of-use. We also liked that it had option to customize fields, which is what we needed in order to meet our needs here at the connection. We use the system to keep track of all the different items that we loan to families and educators.

We currently work with eighteen different school districts in the bay area, so we may have devices and equipment loaned from Napa, all the way down to San Jose, over to Livermore, all the way to San Francisco. So it has been extremely helpful to know where everything is.

When I was able to do a demo, it was very easy to set up the different fields that we would need and made my job easier when it came to training the other staff. We also are, even though we are a small non-profit, we are very busy and it’s great that I can look up an iPad from where ever I am. So I might be in Livermore and my colleague is here working with families in Danville, but I can look and see whether or not we have a certain device that a child may need and I can then put it on hold that when the family can come in they can pick up that communication device and take it home to start using it with their child.

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