BarCloud Video Library

Customer Success Stories

Down Syndrome Connection

Watch how Down Syndrome Connection tracks high value assets such as laptops, tablets and assistive technology so staff can focus on their special-needs students.
TelePacific Communications

Watch how successful BarCloud has been for TelePacific Communications in tracking the complete inventory and asset lifecycles of their telecom equipment in the cloud.
Strategic Resources Inc.

BarCloud, prominent within the military sector, makes asset tracking more accurate for Strategic Resources Inc. by improving the efficiency and visibility of tracking various military missions at multiple army bases.

Watch this video demonstrating how BarCloud helps Sennheiser track valuable hi-tech assets checked out to their sales team.
IGN Pro League

Watch this video to see how BarCloud helps IGN Pro League track video and audio equipment that move from event to event.

Feature Overviews

Inventory Picklist
Inventory Picklist

Introducing the screens involved and capabilities included in the picklist feature for BarCloud Stock, namely picklist creation, management, and reporting.
Purchase Order Approval

Watch this overview of the new tool for monitoring purchase order status which helps companies streamline their internal approval process.
BarCloud Pro (with new Offline Mode!)
Learn about the new and improved mobile app, BarCloud Pro. With offline inventory management capabilities, faster speeds, and enhanced responsiveness, what's not to like?
Asset Reservations (Desktop)

The asset reservation feature makes it easy for employees to reserve, rent, or book company-owned equipment from a centralized hub. Watch this introductory video to see the equipment reservation system capabilities in action.
Asset Reservations (Mobile)

This video provides a brief overview on how the new reservation feature works and how you can use it to speed up and improve your equipment reservation process using mobile devices.
Route Tracking

BarCloud’s asset route tracking feature online allows you to conveniently track assets when traveling outside your location of business with your smart device. Thus, increasing visibility by recording the exact route your assets, a vehicle or person took during transport.
Scheduled Reporting

BarCloud’s online inventory management and asset tracking reporting feature includes a report designer/editor, ready-to-use reports, as well as automated scheduling and delivery. Watch this helpful video to see the tool in action.
Inventory Assembly

Watch this video on BarCloud's Inventory Assembly Feature allowing you to easily build assemblies or finished goods from a detailed bill of materials. This feature enables work-in-process (WIP) and light manufacturing functionalities to boost end-to-end traceability, productivity, and control.
Stock Inventory Alerts

Watch how BarCloud users can set up stock inventory alerts that can be sent via sms text or email to your phone.
Signature Capture (Mobile)

Watch a brief overview of how the signature capture feature works for users receiving, moving, and disposing of both stock inventory and assets.
Data Import

Watch this video on the improved data import tool for BarCloud web. The new online inventory and asset tracking import tool makes it possible to import inventory and asset tracking data from several sources such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive, and Additionally, users can now also perform asset maintenance on the BarCloud mobile app.
Reporting (Mobile)

See the ins and outs of BarClouds reporting feature on the mobile app. You can use pre-made reports or create and edit your own before sharing them via excel, email, or text. In addition, you can schedule when reports automatically need to be sent out.
Advanced Search Capabilities (Mobile)
See how to search through your collection of inventory data on your smartphone or barcode scanner to make quick management decisions.
BarCloud Product Update

Get an overview of the newly added features in BarCloud as of March 15, 2013. This update includes the analytics area, integration with QuickBooks online, the multi-site feature, and the picture area in BarCloud.

Product Training

BarCloud Asset Quick Start

A video tutorial of the Quick Start feature for quickly adding equipment into the asset tracking system using barcodes and the mobile app.
BarCloud Stock Inventory Quick Start
A video tutorial of the Quick Start feature for quickly receiving a new SKU into the inventory system using barcodes and the mobile app.
BarCloud Mobile App Overview

See the BarCloud mobile app in action, this is an overview of the features and functions for the day to day mobile user.
BarCloud Security Levels and Adding Users
This video provides a short video tutorial of BarCloud's built in security levels and how to associate a user with specific security levels.
BarCloud Advanced Security Levels
How to create a new security level, allowing you to scale up or down an existing group, and assign a user with it.
Bluetooth Barcode Scanning

Check out the barcode scanning capabilities with the Unitech MS910 bluetooth scanner. Bluetooth allows you to scan barcodes more quickly without the need to focus a smartphone camera on a barcode.
BarCloud Asset Depreciation

A video tutorial of the asset depreciation function allowing users to track and report financial deprecation of all assets.
Mobile Device Management

Effectively manage which mobile devices are able to connect to your BarCloud inventory system through mobile device management. Administrators are able to easily search for and identify these devices based on Device ID's and Names.
BarCloud Perform Scheduled Maintenance
A video tutorial of the asset maintenance function for scheduling and performing a maintenance task using both BarCloud web and the BarCloud mobile app..
BarCloud Perform Unscheduled Maintenance
A video tutorial of the BarCloud Maintenance feature for performing an unscheduled maintenance using both BarCloud web and the BarCloud mobile app. BarCloud’s maintenance tracking allows you to track maintenance events including the type of maintenance performed, when the maintenance took place, who performed it, and also track costs for parts and labor.
BarCloud System Overview

Watch this brief overview video of BarCloud to visualize it's features, benefits, and how it will help you take care of your tracking needs.
Upload, Capture, and Add Images (Mobile)
Watch this video on how to capture, upload, and add images on your smartphone device directly to files and transactions in BarCloud Stock and Asset.
BarCloud Wiki (User Guide)

Visit BarCloud Wiki to view our helpful user guide with topics such as set up, navigation, transactions, barcodes, and more.
BarCloud Stock Purchase Order Approval

A video tutorial of the stock purchase order approval process allowing admins to accept and reject orders submitted by users.


How-to Video: Salesforce CRM and BarCloud Integration

Watch this step-by-step video on how to integrate your inventory management or asset tracking system with Salesforce to automate workflow tasks in a just a few minutes.
How-to Video: Integrate BarCloud and Gmail

Watch this step-by-step video on how to integrate your inventory management or asset tracking system with Gmail using Zapier.
BarCloud – QuickBooks Online Integration Overview

Learn the details of how the online inventory system, BarCloud, seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks to provide a complete inventory management solution.
Connecting BarCloud Inventory to QuickBooks Online

Watch this video to learn how to connect BarCloud Inventory to QuickBooks online with a few clicks from within the system configuration.
BarCloud and QuickBooks Online Tiers

Watch this video to learn about the different QuickBooks Online tiers and how they integrate with BarCloud.
QuickBooks Online Integration Settings

Watch this video to learn about BarCloud integration settings and options with QuickBooks Online.
QuickBooks Online Integration Quick Start

Learn how to set up the integration between QuickBooks Online and BarCloud with this guide.
Data Back-Up with Box

See how easy it is to automatically back up stock and asset data in the cloud with a new streamlined login to Box's content storage platform.