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ASAP Systems, a Barcode based Inventory system and Asset Tracking, Solution providers based in the United States, with customers ranging from midsize to large and enterprises spread across a variety of industries such as IT Companies, Fire-EMS Departments, Warehouse Management, Government, Education, Military Installations and much more. “Hello and thank you for your interest in this best in class and widely used barcode-based Inventory and Asset Tracking Solution. Today we are going to discuss the 3 implementation options: Option 1 is Software as a Service. This option is also known as Cloud Solution. Customers co-share the server environment and their database environment with other clients in the cloud using a variety of web browsers, mobile devices, and tablets. Benefits: All you need is your internet connection Instant Updates when there are new releases Option 2 is a Dedicated Environment. This option provides for dedicate server and databases. Still, a cloud solution but customers have more options to configure their security settings, their integration options and control the flow of updates and upgrades on all levels. A dedicated environment allows us with larger deployment the ability to negotiate terms and conditions of use. Each dedicated environment contains a production instance and a sandbox instance that is used for testing. To access both environments all you need is an internet connection and desktops/PCs, mobile devices and tablets Benefits: Can be configurable for the client’s business needs Operates with client’s security needs Full separation from the shared environment Option 3 is Self Hosted Environment The databases (for production and sandbox) will be hosted on the client’s own servers or cloud environment, and the application will be hosted on their own dedicated server. The production and sandbox instances are accessible through a variety of browser desktop/PCs, mobile devices, and tablets. Benefits: No need for the internet. All you need is as an intranet Security: no outbound/inbound data transfer Full ownership of the data

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