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The Complete Inventory Software System

Passport is a leading inventory management system used in virtually every major industry and is designed to fit a wide range of technical and user requirements. With an equal focus on technological power and user experience, Passport provides comprehensive solutions consisting of software, barcode scanners, smartphones and tablets, and barcode printers.

Control Inventory Your Way

You can configure the Inventory Software System home dashboard how you want, with panels that include: Inventory Lifecycle, QuickStart, Snapshot, and Recent Transactions. In addition, select the user-interface you are most comfortable with — multi-pane, tile, or classic.

Barcode Inventory System Dashboard

Perform Inventory Tasks Remotely

The Passport mobile app has built-in barcoding software which allows you to quickly and accurately scan inventory with Windows-based barcode scanners, tablets and iOS & Android smartphones. Whether you need to scan shelves, bins, warehouse aisles, or production items, there is a scanning device that will work for your environment and applications.

Perform Inventory Software Tasks Remotely

Track Everything with our Inventory Barcode Software system

Barcode label printing is built-in! Select a Zebra barcode label printer or use Avery sheets in your own printer. Choose between the standard labels or create your own barcode label format. Start placing barcode labels on inventory items and the locations where the items are stocked. Alternatively, you can print barcode catalogs or sheets, making handwritten inventory catalogs a thing of the past.

Track Inventory and Location with Barcodes

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Inventory Barcode Based Software system

Every company’s inventory is unique so why should you use barcode labels designed for everyone? The barcode wizard in Passport provides you with the capability to design custom labels from a simple to use interface. You can mix and match data including units of measure, cost, product category and more, to ensure that you’re able to track all your inventory.

Barcode Based Inventory System

Smart Data Grids

Rename fields and rearrange columns to fit your needs! All columns are click sortable and can be filtered making it a breeze to see your data in an informative way. Click individual line items and apply batch processing to them, such as doing a bulk move.

Smart Data Grids for Inventory Management

Configurable Inventory System Reports

Report on the data that matters to you! Passport provides a comprehensive reporting tool with no limit on the number of reports you can generate. The report wizard steps you through adding a new report, with the data fields you want to see, in less than two minutes. Simply print, export, and email reports. There is no better way to get a handle on business operations.

Configurable Inventory system Reports

Uniquely Built To Scale

Passport can be big or small, and best of all, you pay only for what you need. The decision is up to you! Technically, we call that scalability and here's how that usually plays out:

Small-Scale — It’s ok to be small and simple. We have an extensive customer base using small and simple inventory control systems.

Expecting Growth — You might want to add features, functionality, users, or change your installation from a standalone PC to a network. No problem.

Mid-Sized — Most often this solution involves multiple users in a network environment. The key is to remove many of the complex and costly functions of enterprise level software that tend to overlook the basics of inventory system.

Large-Scale — You want access to all the bells and whistles, and probably need a sizable number of users and barcode scanners. Even so, you are still looking for a simplified version of the all encompassing enterprise software or ERP.

Why ASAP Systems’ Passport?