Barcode Inventory System for State Parks

With Passport, State Parks such as San Clemente State Beach have the most complete inventory system at their disposal. Watch to see what they are tracking and what features they rely on.

“Welcome to ASAP Systems Passport, a business-based barcoding application that can be hosted, or locally installed, and provides solutions for tracking stock inventory and assets.

And now, ASAP Systems Saves California State Parks Time and Money Through Barcode-Based Inventory Tracking

Passport provided San Clemente State Beach with the ability to track stock inventory items including electrical parts, office and cleaning supplies, documents, and various materials.

The purchasing department could manage the complete stock inventory lifecycle, from when items were received in the stock room, until they were issued out to other park units in their district.

And, users receive the abilities to sort data, edit columns, and search for stock inventory items in the data grid view.

Also, the state park can generate their own reports with criteria that include location, quantity, and cost. For additional information on ASAP Systems’ Passport please contact us for a free, live demo today.”

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