Scalable, Cost-Effective and Flexible

Our Inventory and Asset Tracking System provides modular and configurable designs to help you create your ideal inventory and Asset Tracking ecosystem. Choose only the features and modules that make sense for your business and make the system as simple or elaborate as you need.


Eliminate Everyday Manual Tasks

Implementing a Barcode based Inventory and Asset Tracking System can easily convert everyday manual tasks into automated tasks that leave no room for human error.

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Increase Business Efficiency

Our Inventory and Asset Tracking System will streamline work processes and efficiency. And provides The Upper-Managment the necessary visibility.


Accurate Planning

Our Barcode System will provide inventory managers with accurate data which will eventually be converted into accurate information. Therefore, accurate decisions.

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No More Out-of-stock items

Setting min/max quantities for each stock item in combination with our reorder feature wherein the stock manager can set a predetermined quantity level and an alert will be triggered whenever the quantity falls below it.

Asset Tracking Managers

Asset Tracking Managers

• Increase efficiency by using mobile barcode scanners to perform asset physical inventory count.

• Effortlessly track assets such as laptops, desks,monitors with barcode tags.

Asset Maintenance can also be managed via scheduled email or SMS text alerts.

Inventory Stock Managers

Inventory Stock Managers

• The stock manager can use the Barcode System to issue and receive inventory items

The Inventory System allows stock managers to easily create purchase orders and sales orders.

Tracking System Administrators

Tracking System Administrators

• The administrators can configure reports on the location of supplies, equipment usage...

• The Barcode System allows administrators to set their own depreciation method to determine asset depreciation calculations for assets over their useful life.



• Provides the CEO’s with quick and easy access to latest financial reports.

• The ability to access any data, anywhere anytime using a smartphone or tablet.

• The CEO, will have visibility across multiple sites. And the power to run global reports.

Inventory System for your Business

  • Automate physical inventory or inventory counts

  • Import all spreadsheet files for quick system implementation

  • Utilize barcode scanners, tablets, and smartphones

  • Track locations, costs, persons, vendors, purchase orders & more.

  • Personalize user-interface and functional preferences

  • Create your own reports and run them on a schedule

We now know at any moment where we are as an organization—where we’re shipping from, where each unit is being stored, and who we are shipping to.

Allon Rodin,
Advisor for Segs4Vets

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