Aerothreads uses Passport to Streamline Inventory and Equipment Tracking

Passport was the most customizable and allowed us to buy what we needed and add to the system as we grew

Aleksandra Bogunovic



Aerothreads, an SBA Certified HUBZone and Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) located in College Park, Maryland are a specialized provider of Multi-Layer Insulation blanket products in the aerospace industry. They chose ASAP System and Passport to help streamline inventory and equipment tracking procedures, translating to excellent product value, better allocation of resources, and consistent customer satisfaction.


Aerothreads purchases, stores, and uses large quantities of inventory that all need to be tracked for traceability, expiration date, cost and for which project and/or customer. They needed a way to effectively track consumable inventory and equipment with a special focus on expiration date tracking. They were also looking for a scalable solution that would allow them to grow without having to buy new software in the next few years.


ASAP Systems’ Passport provided an inventory tracking and asset management solution that enables Aerothreads to accurately track large quantities of inventory and equipment while managing expiration dates of consumable inventory. They use Passport on a daily basis to track stock inventory, purchase orders, receiving, update inventory, and to pull pricing information.

Tangible Benefits

Improved production processes and stockroom efficiency by implementing a barcode inventory system that is able to track large quantities, track expiration dates, and features a kitting function, which was important to them.

Additional features

An advanced feature that Passport offers is kitting which helps you accurately track your order fulfillment and assembly process, where separate but related stock inventory are combined to make a single unit. Kitting provides Aerothreads the addition control they need to track and manage their inventory and orders.


A major concern Aerothreads faced when choosing an inventory tracking and asset management system was scalability; they wanted a system that was configurable and can grow as the company expands. “I was looking for something that would track information in a way that would allow us to grow without having to buy new software in five years.” said CEO Aleksandra Bogunovic, “Passport was the most customizable and allowed us to buy what we needed and add to the system as we grew”.

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