Inventory system Helps Wintergreen Fire & Rescue with expiration date tracking and monitor quantities at multiple sites.

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This allows me to check inventory at each station and keep our on-hand quantities at an appropriate level. We don’t have to order as often and we are not keeping expendable items of the shelf as much.

Nick Brown



Wintergreen Rescue & Fire comprises the Wintergreen Fire Department and Rescue Squad, both 501c3 nonprofit organizations, providing fire suppression and emergency medical services to the citizens of Wintergreen Resort as well as Nelson and Augusta Counties in Virginia.

The fire department and rescue squad began serving the public in the 1970s while the resort was in its developmental phase. At its inception, Wintergreen had a handful of volunteers, a fire engine and a transport vehicle. Today, Wintergreen Rescue & Fire has grown to 28 full-time employees, 40+ volunteers and 20 pieces of equipment ranging from large platform trucks to rapid response SUVs.

To track their equipment and stock inventory, Wintergreen Rescue & Fire relies on Passport, ASAP System’s premiere inventory management and asset tracking system.


Wintergreen Rescue & Fire has assets and inventory in multiple stations and in the field, including 150 consumable line items with expiration dates. Tracking emergency medical supplies with expiration dates can be difficult, so Wintergreen required a configurable inventory system that also tracked equipment in multiple locations.


ASAP Systems’ Passport provides a comprehensive ems inventory management and asset tracking system allowing Wintergreen Rescue & Fire to accurately track medical supplies, equipment, and assets across three locations. Passport provides Wintergreen with the necessary inventory data to efficiently order and stock medical equipment for multiple locations while providing quantity information to ensure inventory is available for emergency services. Also, the expiration date tracking feature accurately tracks consumable items so appropriate inventory levels are maintained at all times.


Improved inventory management and ordering efficiency by implementing an inventory system that tracks assets and equipment constantly moving from location-to-location as well as expiration dates for consumable items. By switching to Passport, Wintergreen Rescue & Fire reduced the amount of time focused on manually inventorying assets while ensuring inventory data is accurate improving purchase and ordering procedures.


Passport’s advanced features include batch lot and serialized tracking allowing inventory tracking by expiration date or batch lots. With batch lot tracking, inventory is tracked by order, date received or expiration. This feature helps Wintergreen Rescue & Fire track consumable items and notifies them when quantities are low. “This allows me to check inventory at each station and keep our on-hand quantities at an appropriate level” says Lt. Nick Brown “We don’t have to order as often and we are not keeping expendable items of the shelf as much.”


Passport was also selected for its usability. Wintergreen needed an inventory management and asset tracking system that was intuitive and flexible. The system had to to be powerful enough to handle inventory and asset tracking across multiple locations, with features allowing expiration date tracking, while also providing ease of use. With a staff of 25 firefighters and moderate turnover, Wintergreen needed a system that could easily be taught to new employees with minimal effort.

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