Losing assets such as computers, AV equipment, IT hardware, tools, and more, is now a thing of the past thanks to Passport’s check-out/check-in feature. The equipment checkout capability allows you to reduce theft, property damage, and administrative costs by logging essential asset data in a central location.

When combined with barcode labels and scanners, Passport’s check-out/check-in feature allows staff to loan or rent out assets without the need for extensive training and expensive equipment.

Key Benefits of Equipment Checkout Software

  • Accountability - Reduce theft and damaged property by establishing a digital audit trail of staff actions.

  • Location Support - Regardless of the asset location, you can always categorize information from a central location.

  • Increased Productivity - Staff always have the assets they need, helping to streamline their workflow.

How Does the Check-Out Check-In Feature Work?

You start by having users import asset information from Excel or entering the data directly into the software. Once the initial setup is completed, staff can collect data in real-time by using barcode scanners. Unlike other technologies which have a steep learning curve and require specialized equipment, barcodes can be created on the fly with the right printer and labels.

After assets are labeled, staff can instantly log item assignments by scanning the barcode. The secure logging of information eliminates data entry errors and ensures you always know who has assets, where they are located, and when to expect them to be returned.

Ease of Use

See the check-out/check-in system of Passport in action. Easily check out, reserve and manage loaned assets by using our equipment checkout feature. This core functionality helps ensure everyone has their equipment when it’s needed.

Equipment Reservations

Easily setup individual asset reservations within Passport. With a central asset log, you can control internal and external requests for equipment while instantly knowing whether the items are available.

Manage Equipment At All Times

Use the Passport app on a mobile device or barcode scanner to check-out and check-in assets while you’re on the go. You can also assign due dates and transaction notes to know why an item was lent out and when it should be returned.

Check-Out/Check-In Reports

Find out when equipment was checked out and its current location by using Passport’s built in equipment reporting capabilities. By using ASAP System’s checkout software, you can generate reports on the fly and have them sent to you on a scheduled basis, allowing you to always be atop your company operations.

Maintain Accountability Over Assets

Reduce theft and maintain the condition of equipment by establishing a digital chain of custody. Passport automates check-in/check-out logging to ensure you always have access to mission critical information.

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