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Chemical and Drum Tracking

Chemical, biochemical, and petrochemical manufacturers and handlers use Passport to track complex variables pertaining to drums of chemicals traveling to and from customer sites. These drums must pass through a series of critical steps including inspection, repair, cleaning and refilling. Passport simplifies the process and ensures accurate tracking and reporting on these procedures.

Drums can have permanent ID numbers associated with them or they can have process specific identifying numbers. These take different forms but often are permanent serial numbers for the drums and totes, or barcoded highly durable labels affixed during the process steps.

The ability to track the quantity of content in the drums keeps you in control throughout the processes and usages. Knowledge of in-process usage allows you to easily plan for production runs because you can be sure to select the correct drums that are available. This saves invaluable time and resources because you will no longer find that you picked a container that does not have the necessary quantity.

Drum and Container Inventory Management

  • Single Warehouse or Multiple Warehouses

  • Mobile Barcode Scanner Data Transfer via USB Cradle, Wi-Fi or 4G Mobile

  • Receive Using Purchase Order (PO) or Without PO

  • Track Asset Routes and Transit Destinations

  • Receive to a Default Location or to a Scanned Location

  • Receive using Unit Of Measure (UOM) Multiplier

  • Allows Same Stock Number at Multiple Locations

  • Records All Inventory Issued by Destination

  • Issue to Customers / Jobs / Production / Scrap

  • Issue Against Sales Order (SO) or Without SO

  • Maintain Supplier Information

  • Set Up Automatic Reorder by Quantity

  • Conduct Physical Inventory and Cycle Count

  • First In First Out (FIFO) Control

  • Create Inventory Lists, Bill Of Materials (BOM), and Pick Lists

  • Print Barcode Labels and Catalogs

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