Our Mission

To provide the best fitting inventory management and asset tracking solutions.

What We Do

We work to solve the biggest problem in inventory management and asset tracking: Everyone does it differently. Through many years of experience working on a vast range of unique customer requirements, we have developed unmatched expertise in catering solutions to fit almost any budget, technical and user requirement. Our highly-configurable and scalable barcode based tracking systems are designed to provide maximum value today, tomorrow, and into the future.


Elie Jean Touma: CEO

Elie drives ASAP System’s strategic vision, culture, and day-to-day management decisions. Before ASAP Systems Elie served as Director of OEM at Allaire Corporation and Macromedia (now part of Adobe Systems).

Greg Wachowiak:
Senior Vice President, Engineering

Greg has been the brains behind the design strategy, development, and capabilities of Passport, the flagship product of ASAP Systems. He has extensive background in technical sales management and translating customer input into the development of technical equipment.

Office Locations

ASAP Systems HQ

355 Piercy Road
San Jose, CA 95138

Austin Office

7901 Cameron Rd Bldg. 3 #202
Austin, TX 78754

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