Biomedical Devices of Kansas company logo

Biomedical Devices of Kansas

“I recently had a re-installation of an old version of Passport; Mr. Jason Hakim assisted remotely in the update, including getting the scanners, printers, etc. connected and up and running. I was very happy with Jason’s service - his knowledge of the system and how to install it, debugging and all other issues encountered were handled with professionalism and courtesy. I would rate my experience with him as “excellent” and wish my other tech support experiences with other companies were half as good.”

Bill Gravemen

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Status Pros

“Our clients have high expectations with regards to software solutions. ASAP Systems stands alone with regards to customer service, innovation, and ease of deployment. The platform provides agility for logistics and customizations out of the box. An inventory and asset management system that finally gets it right.”

Lucas Wellman
Founder & CEO

Major Aerospace Manufacturer logo

Major Aerospace Manufacturer

"Very powerful and adaptive tool. If you are looking for a tool that allows you to customize to your operations versus you having to stay within predefined swim lanes, this is it. It has increased our accuracy and reduced touch labor."

Jim Estes
Logistic Systems Integrator

Lodder Brothers Ltd logo testimonial

Lodder Brothers Ltd

"Passport has simplified enabled us to actually reduce our current inventory by 25 percent!"

Ray Stamp
Warehouse Supervisor/IT Admin

Davidson Technologies logo

Davidson Technologies

“When we compared ASAP’s ease of use to the other systems available, there was no question in our mind which system we would be choosing. We think that ASAP Systems will be working with our company for many years to come!"

Brandi Key
Purchasing Administrator
Facility Manager

FoundOcean Ltd logo

FoundOcean Ltd

“I’m happy to say that we’ve made the correct choice as we are continually finding further areas within the system that can help our business to grow. I’d recommend this system to any company looking to expand.”

Alan Booth
Stores and Logistics Manager

East Kansas Chemical logo

East Kansas Chemical

“Passport has helped us to remain in compliance with our regulatory requirements, and do so without the added burden of a paper-based system, which would be overwhelming considering the amount of assets we have to track.”

Greg Weaver
Sales Representative at East Kansas Chemical

Hall Aluminum Products, Inc. logo

Hall Aluminum Products, Inc.

"In the past, we have had tools come up missing, or supposedly broken, so this system gives us MUCH more information on tools from cradle to grave.”

Wm. L. Byers

Wedge Tire Inc. logo

Wedge Tire Inc.

"ASAP Systems has transformed and evolved our inventory into the 21st century. Now we are able to track an item to the exact location of the exact pallet in the warehouse AND have the confidence knowing it will be back there."

Adam Dicker
Employee at Wedge Tire Inc.

            Instruments logo

Lighthouse Instruments

"For the first time, we are tracking parts on a real-time basis. We are reducing the amount of inventory we keep on the shelf, and we are seeing fewer stock outs. We are very pleased."

Tom Millner
Quality Assurance Specialist

SAIC testimonial logo


"I wanted to take a moment to thank you and the ASAP Systems team for providing a top of its class product that has allowed me to simplify the execution of my programs and create efficiencies.”

Anthony F. Moraco
Project Management Analyst

Nodernatx testimonial logo


"We love the Passport platform. It is making our asset management very straightforward! We have saved A LOT of time and saved money by reducing the risk of misplacing or losing our assets.”

John Reynders
Member at Modernatx

NW Region Naval Stations logo

NW Region Naval Stations

"We recently upgraded our computer systems and the re-installation support we received was outstanding. All three sites were up and running again very quickly."

Dan Briest
Operations Manager
NW Region Naval Stations

Vascular and Leg Center

Vascular and Leg Center

"Passport helps save us money by alerting us of when our batch-lot inventory items are nearing their expiration dates, and when items reach high and low inventory levels. I highly recommend Passport to all medical centers for tracking stock inventory and assets.“

Harjot Gill
Lab Coordinator

Neighborhood Charter School 
            of Harlem logo

Neighborhood Charter School of Harlem

"We decided to go with ASAP systems because it is the only one of its kind, with its vast flexibility and the ease of running on different platforms."

Rafael Nuñez
Operations Associate

Thiess Pty Ltd logo

Thiess Pty Ltd

"ASAP reduced the effort to populate and validate our asset management system with representing a better bottom line to the overall organization."

David Jaunay
Thiess Pty Ltd Coordinator

testimonials Servpro of Downtown Las Vegas

Servpro of Downtown Las Vegas

"Perfect customer service! The ASAP Systems team is so awesome! "

Christine Wortham
Executive Assistant/Project Manager

IT Vortex testimonials

IT Vortex

"We wanted to find a system that can use iPhones to scan items in/out and Passport offers that. We like easy and accessible… and project thousands of dollars of savings in not having to always replace missing products."

Jacquelyn Carrillo
Office Manager

Maxwell Aircraft Service testimonials

Maxwell Aircraft Service

“Passport is easy-to-use and saved us countless labor hours and money on misplaced or lost inventory!”

Davey Heskin

University Colorado Testimonials

University of Colorado

"Passport has simplified and enhanced our asset and inventory tracking capabilities, all while seamlessly integrating into our complex environment.”

J. Franklin IT Manager

All over media testimonials

All Over Media

“The kitting module and the ability to customize each field in the system to fit our terminology is a huge bonus and makes the software even more user friendly.”

Steve Hutchinson
Sr. Manager, Print Shop &

ServPro Testimonials

Servpro of Penn-Del

"I am extremely pleased with the customer service I received from the staff at ASAP Systems. They were very accommodating in my due diligence process, and in answering and being patient with my questions."

Kristi May Wyatt
Executive Assistant

Defence contracting testimonials

Defense Contracting Command–

"I am very pleased with this software. It is like a Christmas gift after 16 years of service here. I am very proud we have made a good acquisition.We will have to tell others."

Ed Harris
Chief, Command Support Division

Crossfire LLC testimonials


"I would recommend ASAP Systems to anyone because of the customer service, configurability and ease-of-use.“

Sale Simons
Corporate Materials Manager

Reality Check

Reality Check Systems

"The platform has enabled us to track our mobile systems and maintain our in-house inventory levels to meet customer demands."

Neal Kaplan
Logistics Manager

Fremont Fire Department

Fremont Fire Department

“I enjoyed working with the sales engineers and the entire staff at ASAP Systems as a whole throughout the process of implementing the Passport inventory system.”

Jeffrey Youngsma
Staff Captain/Paramedic

serviceMaker testimonial

ServiceMaster of Seattle

"ASAP Systems reduced shrinkage from tens of thousands of dollars annually to under one thousand dollars last year."

Mike Mack
President / COO

Hoskins Restoration inventory testimonials

Hoskins Restoration Services

"ASAP Systems truly provides the whole package, a great product that can be customized to meet our needs and fantastic customer service."

Brenda Hoskins
Employee at Hoskins Restoration Services