Import Inventory and Asset Data

"Substitute your tedious individual entry of Inventory and Assets with a solution for a batch entry that will improve accuracy and create a streamlined workflow.” The transition is made easy with the Import Data Module, regardless of whether it’s a new user starting the system from scratch or transitioning from another manual system. Users can import to the Asset Tracking and Inventory System using an excel sheet, Active Directory to import Users or Persons, and from Quickbooks.

Import Data Types

The Module offers users enhanced flexibility and the ability to import data such as stock items, asset items, model numbers, stock quantities, supplier stock information, perform asset maintenance, location, location min/max…

Data Import Video

Learn how our Data Import Module grants the ability to import stock and asset data in a few easy steps which include selecting destination files, setting up columns/fields, and saving the export or import map.

Go From Spreadsheets to a Legitimate Barcode

Data import can assist users in reducing implementation time by importing large quantities and varieties of data, eliminating the hassle of entering data manually which can be both times consuming and error-prone.

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