Start Off On the Right Foot

Import the inventory and asset data you need to track directly from excel spreadsheets. Whether you are starting your system from scratch or transitioning from another system, data import is one of the most critical steps to getting up and running. Some of the common types of data imported are locations, stock numbers, models, persons, vendors, product info, customers, SKU’s, costs and more.

Excel Data Import Video

Learn how the data import tool will give you the ability to import stock item information in a few easy steps involving selecting destination files, setting up columns/fields, and saving the export.

Go From Spreadsheets to a True System

Transition confidently from spreadsheets to inventory management software by choosing the mission-critical information to bring over. The feature allows you to reduce implementation time by importing large quantities and varieties of data without manually entering the files one at a time.

Import Spreadsheets into Inventory Software
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