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Barcode-based Inventory and Asset System for Education

ASAP Systems’ Passport offers colleges, schools, districts, and universities an automated inventory management system and asset tracking system that can be configured to fit the specific needs of schools of any size. The barcode-based system can track varying asset types—faculty, staff, lab computers, printers, audio equipment, video equipment, workshop tools, materials, and library books. Our education inventory management system combines wireless barcode scanners, RFID technology, configurable reporting, check out-in capability, and much more to give schools and universities an easy-to-use and powerful inventory and asset management system. Ultimately, organizations within education use Passport because it helps save precious time and money.

Asset Tracking and Inventory Management System for Schools

Education-Focused Inventory & Asset Tracking System

Watch this video to learn how Passport meets inventory and asset tracking needs for all schools, including universities, school districts, academies, colleges and more.

University of Hawaii Video Testimonial

The University of Hawaii's Maui College uses Passport to track high-valued assets such as audio and video equipment, lab equipment, and more, at multiple locations throughout the school.

School Inventory management


Department Staff
  • School and department staff are more efficient using mobile barcode scanners to issue and receive inventory as well as perform physical inventory.
  • Educators can also generate useful reports by department based on quantity, location, stock numbers, equipment type, description, and more.
University inventory management


Facilities Management
  • The facilities manager can use the barcode system desktop app or mobile app to generate purchase orders, sales orders, and inventory or asset reports.
  • Track assets such as video, audio, and IT equipment, with barcode tags. Asset maintenance can also be managed via scheduled email or text alerts.
Administrative Staff


Administrative Staff
  • School administrative staff can quickly and accurately check out and in audio and video equipment, project equipment, and iPads to students to improve school accountability.
  • They can even use iPhones, Android smartphones or tablets to access Passport when walking around colleges or universities.
System Administrator


Inventory System Administrator
  • Passport for education is great for system admins that need immediate access to the most up-to-date financial reports in real-time.
  • School management can see the current condition of assets, where they are located, who has them, and more.

Education Asset Tracking Features:


Education Inventory Management Features:


Passport Smartphone App for Education

School staff can receive, issue, move and dispose of assets and inventory anytime, anywhere with immediate access through mobile devices. Our app also allows you to view current inventory locations, quantities, users and more. Use mobile barcode scanners, smartphones, or tablets to scan barcode labels with the same process as taking a picture.

Passport Smartphone App for Education

Education Testimonials

Belmont University

"We began using the barcode tracking system last year so we could get a handle on supply use and location. It has really helped in knowing what is used and where. We use it on a small scale, but it really helps our bottom line. The training I received was so helpful and they were sure to follow up with me to make sure I took advantage of all that was available for my college."

Kathy Pope,
Registered Nurse, Belmont University

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