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Asset Inventory Education Overview

Education Inventory and Asset Systems


Watch this brief overview video of how Passport meets all of your inventory management and asset tracking needs in one easy-to-use system.

Welcome to ASAP Systems Passport, a business-based barcoding application which can be hosted or locally installed.

And now, ASAP Systems Passport for education focuses on improving how universities, school districts, and academies track and manage assets including things like iPad’s, computers, laptops, and audio/video equipment, as well as consumable inventory such as printer ink and office supplies.

Passport for education will automate inventory effectively by managing the complete lifecycle for consumable inventory and assets. Additionally, Passport for education can help track and manage asset maintenance for things like equipment calibrations, as well as the checking out and checking in of equipment to personnel and students.

Passport for education will accommodate different types of inventory such as standard or serialized, or batch or lot types of inventory, and will also track the same items in multiple or independent locations.

Finally, Passport for education provides users the ability to customize their own reports.

For additional information of ASAP Systems Passport, please contact us for a free, live demo today.