Inventory Management System for Education

Passport for education provides an easy-to-use system to accurately manage inventory the way your school, school district, college or university wants. The barcode-based system efficiently tracks all campus supplies for you, so that you can spend more time and money on what matters most, your students.

Passport is suitable for all branches of education:

Inventory Management System for University Offices
Inventory Management System for College Labs
Supply Management System for University Labs
Barcode-based Stock Management System for Storage

9 out of 10 education
customers who demo
our system find that it fulfills their specific
tracking needs


System Features for Colleges, Universities, Schools, and Districts

  • •   Single Campus or Multiple Campuses
  • •   Mobile Management with Barcode Scanning
  • •   Track All Stock Recieved at Your University
  • •   Receive Using Purchase Order (PO) or Without PO
  • •   Reduced Time to Receive and Issue Out Stock
  • •   Receive to a Default Location or a Barcode-Scanned Location
  • •   Receive Using Unit Of Measure (UOM) Multiplier
  • •   Increased Accountability and Control
  • •   Cost Savings from Reduced Inventory Levels
  • •   Elimination of Errors Caused by Book-based Inventory
  • •   Elimination of Unexpected Stock Shortages
  • •   Allows Same Stock Number at Multiple Locations
  • •   Records all Inventory Issued by Destination
  • •   Issue to Campuses / Personnel / Scrap
  • •   Barcode Scanner Data Transfer via USB cradle,
        Wi-Fi or 3G mobile
  • •   Issue Against Sales Order (SO) or Without SO
  • •   Provides Global and Local Stock Levels
  • •   Maintain Standard Inventory Cost
  • •   Supports Random and Dedicated Putaway
  • •   Maintain Supplier Information
  • •   Categorize Raw Materials, WIP, Finished Goods
  • •   Automatic Reorder Quantity
  • •   Conduct Physical Inventory and Cycle Count
  • •   Reconcile Physical Inventory to Book Inventory
  • •   First In First Out (FIFO) Control
  • •   Generate Custom Management Reports
  • •   Data Export via Excel, Text, HTML, etc
  • •   Print Barcode Labels and Catalogs
  • •   User Configurable to Your Specifications
  • •   Create Inventory Lists, Bill Of Materials
        (BOM), and Pick Lists

Advanced Inventory System

Passport for the education industry, a barcode-based system, offers the ability
to manage all types of inventory. Standard, serialized, batch–lot, serialized
with quantity, and non-inventories can be managed all in one system.

Standard Inventory

Passport defines standard inventory items like ink cartridges and printing paper by a stock number and tracks by location, number and quantity. The same stock number can be used at multiple school, college, and university locations.

Standard Stock Management for Schools, Colleges, Universities, and School Districts

Serialized inventory

Inventory for schools, colleges, universities, and school districts are individually tagged items using an ID or serial number. School and university course related items like chemicals within chemistry labs, equipment, or medication vitals have contents of each item that need to be quantified in serialized inventory.

Serialized Stock Management for Schools, Colleges, Universities, and School Districts

Batch–lot inventory

Track inventory with expiration dates, such as food, medical supplies, chemistry lab chemicals, etc. Batch–lot inventory tracking also enables you to track date codes and lot codes associated with those items.

Batch-lot Inventory management for Colleges and Universities

Serialized with Quantity

Quantity that will be consumed or used while in inventory, such as medication bottles with pills, chemical drums with contents that get used, rolls of paper/pulp/textiles with the material being used up over time.

Serialized with Quantity Inventory Management for Batch-lot Inventory management for Education

Non-Inventory Items

You can even track anything that you would issue out, but not receive. For example, you can track and issue man hours and currency.

Non-Inventory Items for Schools, Colleges, Universities, and School Districts