Inventory management system for medical and nursing schools

Inventory Tracking Features

  • Email & SMS Alerts on when to reorder
  • Min/Max inventory monitoring
  • Excel import module
  • Standard Inventory management
  • Barcode technology
  • Multi-site inventory tracking

Inventory Management for Medical & Nursing Schools

Inventory tracking is made more efficient for medical and nursing schools using Passport. Use the barcode system to ensure that each student, class, and program has readily available learning supplies for classroom exercises and labs. In addition, Passport helps administration and faculty track vendor info and supply costs within a centralized system.

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Education-Focused Inventory Management Video

ASAP Systems Inventory tracking system Passport helps the University of Hawaii Maui College keep track of their consumable inventory—office supplies and chemicals for lab curriculum. ASAP Systems provided a solution, Passport, to eliminate task redundancy, save time, and continues to earn a return on investment for community colleges.