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Asset Tracking System for School Districts

Passport uses barcode scanners to accurately track school district educational resources such as laptops, tablets, furniture, tools, and lab equipment. Your school district’s daily operations will thrive using Passport to loan out classroom sets of instructional material/equipment and instantly know the location of the resources and their respective return dates.

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Education-Focused Asset Tracking System

Watch how Passport fulfills all inventory and asset tracking needs in the education-focused industry. Save time, money, and increase accountability with quick access to the whereabouts of assets throughout school districts.

Education-Focused Asset Tracking System

Read a Case Study on Balsz School District

Control educational resources including mobile devices, IT gear, furniture, and records at five school campuses.s

Asset Tracking Features

  • Check Out and In

  • Active Directory

  • Advanced Security

  • Multi-site functionality

  • Due dates on equipment returned

  • Schedule and perform maintenance

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