Receive Configurable Alerts from Our Asset Tracking and Inventory System’s Alert Feature

|The Asset Tracking, and Inventory System’s users can set configurable alerts and notifications to keep teams updated about inventory, asset transactions, and tasks. Configure transaction-based notification triggers so designated personnel can be aware of critical information. In the admin settings, users have the ability to add alerts to both stock inventory and asset transactions. Notifications can be conveniently sent via email or text message and include a personalized message. This Feature will increase the productivity of any team by keeping members informed about responsibilities and tasks.

Configure Task Alerts Utilizing Our Asset Tracking & Inventory System’s Alert Feature

Notify warehouse personnel when stock or assets are received, disposed, moved, checked out, and more. Likewise, the Feature can be used to warn the user when asset items require maintenance, repair, or when a warranty is about to expire. Additionally, our Inventory System’s Alert Feature will notify users of upcoming stock expiration dates. Furthermore, the Inventory Management System, will alert the users, if inventory is high, low, or out.

Customized Inventory Task Alerts

Our Asset Tracking and Inventory System’s Mobile App Alert Functionality

The Asset Tracking and Inventory System's Mobile App automatically dispatch email and messages via phone, alerts to stay connected at multiple warehouses or stockroom locations and streamline workflow.

Mobile Inventory Alert Functionality

Our Asset Tracking and Inventory System's Alert Feature Allows Configuration of Alert Content.

Our Asset Tracking and Inventory System's Alert Feature allow users to configure content to be shown in the text and email alert in order to convey the required message.

Customized Inventory Task Alerts

Multi-Recipient Capabilities Provided by Our Asset Tracking and Inventory System

Automatically sending a critical alert to one user can be of huge benefit, but what if other important users need this information? Our Asset Tracking and Inventory System's Alert Feature offers users the ability to send out configurable alerts to multiple users and increase effective communication.

Mobile Inventory Alert Functionality
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